The Making of Born to Fly Baby

The workshop where Born To Fly Baby was born

We loved a spontaneous adventure together. Then we had our baby. 

As new parentals we quickly discovered that we had been excluded from the world of travel. Our first airport experience with baby was nothing short of horrendous. You don't really know how bad it is until you do it.

The problem? Strollers have to be checked in, usually as oversized luggage and they get damaged and dirty in transit. Once that is done you don't have a stroller for a few stressful airport hours so you have to carry everything baby needs; OR you might get stuck lugging everything for the entire trip if your stroller gets destroyed in flight (which is crazily common, google it).

What else drove us to fear the transit was that:

  • You only get one carry on bag for you and your infant
  • If there is a usable parents room at the airport count your lucky stars 
  • Baby has no place to sleep or sit (especially when you need your hands to get things like boarding passes, wipes and coffee)
  • You can't pee! really. If you are carrying the baby and your bags whilst travelling solo, good luck is all I can say. 

Once you have survived transit and you get to your destination baby doesn't even have a secure clip in seat, which gets annoying very quickly in a new strange space.

In a nutshell our baby items are not designed to travel, and our cool travel bits & pieces are not designed for the baby. It seemed to us that exploring the big wide world and new parents have come to an impasse. 

But this wayfaring Mumma doesn’t like to be excluded. And neither should you! 

Meet the Team! Ben, Olive & JosieThe Born to Fly Baby Team; Josie, Ben and Little Olive.

International Patent Pending.